Orenda Engines Limited - Capital Structure and Securities

Capital Structure and Securities enable ownership, control and voting with an incredible range of performance to be possible, much like control instrumentation in an aircraft, spacecraft or test cell. By having a Prospectus, Executive Summary, or Capital Structure & Securities Summary in your hands, you can open up the throttle to exhilarating technological, enterprise, career, and investment possibilities that go right through the stratosphere into space! With Capital Vault Incorporated, related and associated entities, and with corresponding PE & VC firms involved in private wealth management, anyone can operate confidently in their zone and experience the results they desire, just as experimental and applied research and development, co-development of advanced projects create technology, products, services and capabilities in their operating environment.

Capital Structure and Securities exist for :

The Capital Vault Incorporated CVIx Advanced Projects Portfolio and
Strategic Enterprise Development Inc. Advanced Projects Porfolio offers exciting options;
Common Shares;
convertible bonds - with rights and options, technology, products & services;
convertible bonds - Advanced Projects, conversion to products, shares, options;
convertible bonds - conversion to entities, companies & securities;
convertible bonds - aero industrial & hangar buildings; *
convertible revenue bonds;
serial bonds for hangar and industrial space, options, rights, conversion
zero coupon bonds with greater conversion premiums, options, rights, acquisition
debt/equity units for more options;
Independent and/or co-development projects, products and services exist;

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