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▲ Investment Vision

● Integrated with our primary Vision and the Capital Vault Incorporated CVIx Advanced Projects.
● Based on and customized with the Capital Vault Incorporated and Battlegroup 301 Incorporated Vision.
● Transactions Accounts to invest, contribute, develop, custom build, acquire or deploy.
● Awesome capital structure and securities design engineering elements.
● Capital structure includes common shares, debt/equity units, convertible, serial and revenue bonds

● Honour - There are no class B voting shares, no 10:1,100:1 or 1000:1 voting shares or anything like that.
● Duty - No obscene executive compensation. Direct resources to invest, buy, develop, deploy personnel.
● Private enterprise - nothing like the conventional stock market casino and public companies.
● Multiple bottom lines, not profit maximization at the expense of true values or anything important.

● Ownership, Control and Voting Options - most investment managers do not offer or enable this.
● Effective vote of participating members, not being defrauded or denied from an effective vote.
● Strategic Risk Management : No high frequency trading, derivative gambling risks or other distractions.
● Focus - No short term account churning, or other economic and industrial genocide wealth destruction.

● True Values enabled - if our vision and values are aligned with what you already believe in.
● True Vision is focused - on the genius in the program, portfolio, technology, products and services.
● True Colours enabled - "O Canada, we stand on guard for thee..." economic nationalism and Defence.
● True Productivity & Prosperity - new wealth generation and a brilliant magnitude of opportunities.

● Private membership - freedom and control of private equity, venture and enterprise capital.
● Relevant and Practical - if it's important, if you care, if you want to do, to be, to have...you can.
● Freedom of choice and uncensored information - you decide, not anti-Canadian values mass media.
● Power - awesome ownership, control and voting options, pro-active and counter-measures.

● Transactions enabled - cheque, transfer, money order or draft, hard currency and other assets.
● Credit - your credit rating and credit is not important - we don't need or want your credit card either.
● Investment Options - financial and non-financial, materials, time, tangible and intangible assets.
● Stealth - invest, contribute, develop, custom build, save, buy, conditional sales and acquisitions, acquire fractional ownership, control, title, use, revenue or other options, products, services, technology and more.

● Perspective - every possible strategic, operational and tactical advantage for investment and enterprise.
● No Accredited Investor Requirements - zero! - your bank statements, assets or portfolio is not important.
● Equality - zero tax non reporting secure asset protection - level playing field and awesome topography.
● Dignity - private executive trustee and co-trustee options - rare and awesome - in the arena of action.

● Long term vision - for solid new wealth generation of industrial and economic enterprise.
● Options - Investment free parallel accounts - contribute, acquire options, conversion and transactions.
● Brilliant - Complex made simple, jurisdictions, regulations, securities, prospectus and much more.
● Custom made - programs, project, product, services, technology, transactions and other options.

● Orenda Engines Limited is a private federal Canadian company, having private membership.
● There is no public stock exchange listing and is not exposed to corresponding risks.
● Mobility - Comprehensive strategic, tactical and operational advantage is available for all members.
● Ownership, Control, Voting Options, entities and capital structure enable asset protection and liquidity.

● Capital structure and securities for liquidity, conversion premium, rights, options, terms and rate
● Dedicated Purpose involves strategic resource deployment according to the Mission and Prospectus.
● Understanding - clear and direct, no deceptive fine print - it is not give us your money to do anything.
● Capital Vault Incorporated membership for PE & VC private equity & venture capital awesome advantage.

● No collaboration with securities analysts, investment or financial institutions or mass media.
● We create and distribute news to members, not mass media with privileged inside information.
● Public news release, public relations campaigns, special events and industry news is under development.
● Dedicated to be the first choice for Investors, Personnel, Enterprise, Customers and Community.

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