Orenda Engines Limited - Personnel Relations

Personnel Vision :

Working share owners in a challenging and rewarding environment with respect and generosity for individual creative imagination, having resources, machinery, equipment, space and a greater vision integrated in OEM, retrofit, co-development and advanced projects.

Personnel who are attracted to advanced manufacturing and assembly with a more nationalist environment, dedicated to aerospace, defence, civil aviation and industries in automotive, marine, machinery, rail and road transportation projects, offer a wide range of projects.

Personnel may also benefit from strategic, operational and tactical work environments and mission tasking, in addition to ambitious and audacity in investment and acquision, research and development, business combinations, co-development and super achievement.

This is not a union environment. No union and no foreign union staffing services.

No enemies foreign and domestic. No enemy combatants.

No woke & broke, no foreign control, ownership or voting. No ESG or foreign reporting. No allegiance to foreign criminal agencies.

No anti fossil fuel, no anti oil industry…we like to burn fuel…

No stock market manipulation. No Class B non voting shares either.

No foreign technology dependence for anything…

Made in Canada Eh!

There are no limits. No speed limits, no endurance limits, no precision limits, no quality limits, No limits on manufacturing or assembly.

No public stock market listings, where anyone can know anything and wreck everything, no high frequency trading, geo-political, exo-political, or other acts of industrial economic warfare, no short term stock market values to compromise decisions, or technology, programs, projects and products.

No limites to individual creative imagination, no limits to advanced and special projects groups, of people working to build awesome things together.

No limits on ideas, innovation, invention, or intellectual capital and property.

No limits by critical main stream media, the anti nation state entities, agendas and agents, or other traitors or those who have no vision, no ambition, no creativity, no dreams, and those who are against private enterprise or Canadian aerospace and defence techonology.

No limits for research and development of aerospace and defence technology, no limits co-development or any of the projects, technology and engines that are nationalist Made in Canada.

No ball & chain and no broken dreams from the past, present or future, no unachieved expectations, no critics, insults and accusations by people who build nothing, do nothing and dream of nothing, or achieve nothing of any real value.

No limits on super achievement, for technology, enterprise, commerce, performance or personnel, business combinations, OEM (original equipment manufacturer), MRO (manufacturing, repair & overhaul)

Vision, Loyalty, Dedication, Innovation, Risk taking and Excellence are essential.

Character development, leadership, and the capacity to get things done, individually and as part of a team are essential. True values and real family values are a way of life.

Nationalist, ultra-nationalist and economic nationalism Made in Canada is the standard operating environment. There are no apologies for super achievement, and we do not need to be validated or esteemed by anyone or anything, except the Avro Orenda soul group, real Canadians with heart and soul.

This is for all those people who have a dream and vision of an awesome quality of life, full of adventure, promise and possibility, that keeps them alive and on fire to do, to have, to expereince and to achieve all those things that fills their life with purpose, challenge and reward, it is for those who believe in the ultimate Canadian Century, a life filled with destiny and purpose, a life lived with heart and soul, energy and focus, imagination and work, dedication and courage, inspiration and genius, imagination and creativity, desire and ambition, vision and comprehensive plans to transform thought into reality and make that fact in the world.

This endeavour is also for all the awesome people who have worked on the Avro Arrow, the Orenda Engines, people that do not acknowledge "impossible" only "make it happen", and all the people who dream and work pro-activley a creative and productive life, everyday with optimism and vision, and for all those people, who have asked, "What if …?" or like in the words of James C. Floyd:

"Maybe with the same spirit that was afield then,
this could be repeated.
I just don’t know if there’s anyone capable.
It takes genius you see,
it needs somebody to spark things off.
Maybe it could happen again.”
James C. Floyd  

February 18, 2023 (almost February 20)
It is happening again. It certainly takes courage and genius. This endeavour requires being combat capable on a physical, industrial, financial, aerospace and defence technology, nationalist, moral and spiritual level.

This endeavour requires a continuum of industry capabilities, enterprise and personnel, with the excitement of aerospace.

Regardless of the battlefield or battlespace, regardless of the super imposed conditions, of the wasteland or the broken sword, the broken arrow or broken promises or broken dreams, we go forward unified and solid.

So long as the Arrow and Orenda are in the heart, there is always hope and that spirit which gives those super powers to those who believe and step forward with courage and faith, not knowing all the answers or having all the power and resources, but going forward, making effort not excuses.

In technical reality, being much more than a spark, more like a fuel igniter, for a fuel/air explosion of combustion thermo-physics, and with ideas and imagination, the thunderbolt of the mind.

Yes, maybe it could happen again eh! It is ahppening again, and going beyond every effort to destroy and erase all real history and technological engineering and manufacturing evidence.

Someone special, an avatar and visionnaire, was able to unlock the secret vaults of time, and pure thought encoded and accessible in multi-dimensional space, the universe that incluces Orenda Engines Limited.

In a universe that includes all those things most dear to us, the few, the strong, the brave, the creative, the visionary, the dreamers and builders, and all those redeemed, even those who travel through space time, who hear destiny calling their name, who feel their beart beating to the pulse of something new, who see something awesome, majestic, inspiring, who know that something a lot more like the future and reality that they imagined and wondered what it would be like.

Knowing how someone in their zone, the peak experience and place where the awareness and confidence that anything was possible, knowing where with certainty, choice points in an existing or alternate time line, and why that is made possbile with the powerful freedom of choice, of the individual.

It is the individual who says, I believe I can, make a difference, build the future, transform thought into reality, so I will and I am and will encourage others to do the same and even more, and live the greatest adventure of all time, the life with an awesome mission purpose, a dynamic life lived with a much greater perspective, awareness, dedication, focus and energy than ever before knowing that,

We will redevelop and rebuild the national dream!