Orenda Engines Limited - Orenda Iroquois

The Orenda Iroquois turbojet integrates stealth capabilities, as super cruise is essentially super sonic speeds without afterburner, and has a much cooler exhaust.

The use of a twin engine aircraft design of the Arrow, generates tremendous gravity defying thrust, and higher speeds effortlessly with the high performance capabilities required for successful mission tasking, which is the interception and destruction of targets.

The Orenda Iroquois engine success is made possible with the Altitude Test Facility and a magnitude of aero engineering work, materials science and production and combustion thermo-physics. It has the record for the longest continuous run time in full after-burner of 1,000 hours, which is more than enough to prove the point.

The Mass x Velocity Continuum

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Orenda Engines Limited - Iroquois - 19,250 lbs thrust
Redevelop and Rebuild the National Dream

General characteristics
Type: Twin-spool turbojet
Length: 231" (590 cm)
Diameter:  42" (110 cm)
Dry weight: 4,650 lbs (2,110 kg)

Compressor:  10-stage split axial flow compressor
Combustors:  Annular combustion chamber
Turbine:  Single-stage HP, two-stage LP, axial flow

Max. Dry Thrust:  19,250  lbs (89  kN); Max After-burning Thrust:30,000  lbs (130  kN);
Overall pressure ratio:  8:1
Air mass flow:  420 lb/sec (190.5  kg/s)
Specific fuel consumption:  0.85 (non-reheat), 1.9 (with reheat)
Thrust-to-weight ratio:  6.45:1 at maximum thrust

Arrow Mk 2 100,000 ft/minute straight up -
Jack Woodman re-incarnated would be thrilled like the rest of my friends in the Air Force…

The official engine for the CF-105 Arrow, (https://www.cf-105arrow.ca)
and the Comeau Aerospace Incorporated –
CAI-822 Stealth Invader Interceptor (Super Arrow)


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