Orenda Engines Limited

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The visionary Michael Comeau is the CEO and trustee of Orenda Engines Limited, is going forward with the awesome magnitude of enterprise, capital, technology and industry, dedicated and focused on specific aerospace and defence, opportunities and challenge.

With a considerable enterprise organization and intellectual property and capital, the inventive genius and brilliant creative imagination of personnel, are actively building on a new foundation of economic nationalism with a knowledge, experience and resource base that is Made in Canada.

Real assets, which has been developed and protected in the secret vaults time, in trust, now being unlocked and set free, in an environment full of challenge and reward, with awesome and exciting projects, that enables a new timeline to exist with the alternate reallity creation engine, empowered in a pro-active, bold and visionary environment in independent, integrated and co-development business combinations.

The future is built with vision and audacity, in the relentless quest for excellence and achievement, having bold ambition and a heart full of dreams energized exponentially with the resolution to succeed. The every day pro-active endeavours of transforming thought into reality, building with imagination, comprehensive plans and engineering design elements of pure delight of inspiration and imagination to make real measurable purposeful progress is essential in our quest.

The future is being built everyday, having a greater technological continuum and resource base, with the character of people on fire to achieve and excel, in the peak performance zone, with a more awesome quest.

Orenda Engines Limited has an empowering advantage, with a rich and successful history of super achievement in turbojet engineering, research, experimental testing and development, pushing the throttle forward with purpose, vision and dedication.

Now, an awesome vision for new future is being built, and the timeline enabled and being restored concerning manufacturing, and refinement, production and integrated mission specific purpose, with a much more nationalist and comprehensive approach, learning from the past and going forward with integrity, loyalty and purpose.

Certainly, Orenda Engines Limited exists for awesome aerospace engineering projects like the CF-105 Arrow, also known as the Avro Arrow, and going beyond that with even greater magnitude of vision with
Comeau Aerospace Inc. and the Ultimate Flying Machine series dedicated to "the greatest adventure of all time" and all things awesome!

Orenda Engines Limited is dedicated to experimental and applied research and development, co-development and independent and integrated Advanced Projects, engine, propulsion and fuel systems, OEM, retrofit, aftermarket, MRO, aeronautical engineering test facilities, altitude test facility, technology demonstration, integrated design engineering and testing with corresponding vehicle, engine and propulsion and related systems for successful mission tasking.

This includes strategic enterprise, general and advanced technology, manufacturing and materials, product and performance optimization and deployment in the most awesome engine portfolio in Canada.

Orenda Engines Limited is aligned and integrated with National Turbo-machinery & Propulsion Incorporated and Strategic Enterprise Development Inc. with a more nationalist Made in Canada high performance technology and financial continuum.


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