Orenda Engines Limited - Technology Projets

Techno-IEU - Integrated Enterprise Units:
Research and Development Projects
Electro-mechanical and Fluid Control Systems

Rocket Engine Turbo pumps
Pre-cooler, heat exchangers
contra-rotating turbines
air breathing rockets
Mach 5 SSTO continuum

Technology Development Program:
Advanced Technology Materials and Manufacturing

Technology, Design, Engine and Production Licensing

OEL-ATMM : Enterprise ATMM Series :
● advanced technology materials & manufacturing
● development, licensing, investment and acquisition options
● experimental, applied, prototype, super prototype and production
● Integrated fuel and ignition systems development
● auxiliary, custom, production, modules, components, parts
● intellectual property and capital

Experimental and Applied Reseach :
● Engine Test cell ;
● Aeronautical Engineering Test & Research ;

● NTPI & OEL - ATF : Altitude Testing Facility ;
The National Turbo-machinery & Propulsion and Orenda Engines Limited has unified project development in the Altitude Testing Facilty which is useful for engine and fuel system optimization, performance validation for test programs, that are necessary for new engine development, general and specific aircraft, experiment and applied research and devevelopment and also the opportunity to burn lots of fuel.

OEM - MRO - Retrofit - Aftermarket Projects

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