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Avro Arrow

Advanced materials, engineering, manufacturing and assembly…

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This began as the Avro Arrow & Orenda Engines Technology Trust, 25 years ago, in 1998.

CF-105 Arrow Incorporated was established to redevelop and rebuild the national dream.

An industrial enterprise & capital continuum was built…economic nationalism,

solid quality, good paying, family rated jobs, careers and enterprise opportunities,

not only to save Canada with Made in Canada, but also to defend it,

to revitalize the heart and soul of real Canadians, a revitalized economy,

based on a greater vision, and something pro-active and practical,
Battlegroup-301 Incorporated :
National, Industrial, Enterprise & Civil Defence

National Turbo-machinery & Propulsion Incorporated, was started as part of that industrial national economic Made in Canda vision, and even going far beyond that in engines and aircraft co-development, right into space technology, with finally, the incorporation of Orenda Engines Limited, whose time has arrived…

This is for all those who have the Arrow in their heart, Orenda in their soul.
For people who believe in Canada and want to do something for their country.

You may one day realize, that the Avro Arrow & Orenda Engines soul group,
is something you may have never heard of or thought possible, however,
is something real, guarded in multi-dimensional space, the secret vaults of time,
and now, that the Avatar Michael Comeau has begun his dispensation,
decrypting the unlock code of the heart and soul,
it is only a matter of space time, that you the nationalist and patriotic individual,
will do something about it, with powerful freedom of choice,
notwithstanding, anything going on in Canada or around the world,
your focus and determination, will be unparalleled in the history of you,
and your ability to step forward with confidence, faith and courage,
that you will experience a transformation of consciousness,
and begin to see what is offered now, an incredible vision of now and the future,
the awesome possibilities that exist and may be created
knowing that it is you, that makes all the difference,
to express the best of who you are, and everything you can be.

All it needs is one person to make a difference. Is that you?

Avro Arrow CF-105 Arrow Incorporated : https://www.cf-105arrow.ca

Orenda Iroquois

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